SRA in the media

SRA Books has been in the media and just in case you missed seeing us, here is a list of where we have been and what we have said.

Is public speaking fear limiting your career? (22 March, 2017)

Is public speaking fear limiting your career? (Turkish edition)

Is public speaking fear limiting your career? (Chinese edition)

Rules of engagement (July, 2017)


10 minutes of practical mindfulness (25 September, 2016)

Four new books join the highly popular ‘The Authority Guides’ series of pocket-sized business advice books (19 January, 2017)

5 Practical ways to manage yourself & be more effective at work (11 May, 2017)

Why we are sometimes only 10% efficient and what to do about it (23 January, 2017)

Don’t use PowerPoint – use jelly babies! (21 February, 2017)

Coping with difficult situations (21 August, 2017)


Palma Michel (9 April, 2017)