Saving the Situation


Saving the Situation: A battered man’s handbook

TJ Ink, 2018

Author: Julian Nettlefold

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This handbook is valuable because it recognises that an unhappy marriage has many faces and gives rise to several problems. The different chapters deal faithfully with each of these. It comes to the rescue of fathers whose contribution is sometimes undervalued. This handbook could be of considerable help to fathers in distress.

Baroness Faithfull O.B.E. D.Litt. M.A.

Back by special request, this is the second edition of Saving the Situation: A handbook for battered men. First published in 1996, this book follows Julian Nettlefold’s experiences of domestic violence towards him and his late baby son Harry (1989-2011).

With divorce rates rising, the realisation that you may become a statistic on your wedding day is as far from your mind as it could be. You have met the person you love and want to be with for the rest of your life; you are the happiest couple in the world and no one has ever felt as much love as you do. When the problems in a marriage occur, they do so very suddenly and unless they are dealt with quickly the matter can boil over into divorce proceedings, solicitors, unhappiness, single parents and confused children.

This book is designed to give a man the ability to solve family problems before they destroy him and his family. Each chapter of this book is designed to help you with the specific problem you are facing, don’t forget you may be the problem so examine yourself as well.

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