The Code for New Leaders


The Code for New Leaders: how to hit the ground running in days now weeks

Talenttio Books, 2015

Author: Henry Rose Lee

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When you follow ‘the code’, you’ll witness all your new leaders hitting the ground running from day one (and you won’t have to wait 90 or 100 days).

About the author

Henry Rose Lee started coaching on the school bus at the age of 12 when she discovered on of her friends in tears over the recent death of her mother. When everyone else was too embarrassed to talk to this girl, Henry Rose simply took her hand and sat and listened. Together the two children grieved and giggled, plotted and planned to make their adolescent goals and dreams come true. But it was a decade or two before she became a professional coach.

In 2014, one of Henry Rose’s C-suite coaching clients was struggling to succeed in a new post and she realised that all those books about leadership didn’t cover those first critical days when it’s ‘make or break’. In her latest book, she offers a code of conduct for new leaders so that they can be effective in their new role from day one and not take 90 days.

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