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Marketing your book

Many authors have put so much time, energy and money into writing, editing and re-writing their book simply with the end goal of finishing it in mind that by the time they have finished it, they’re exhausted. But writing the book is just the beginning of the journey. Now the book needs to reach its audience and it’s not going to do that without marketing. How is anyone going to know you’ve written a book if you don’t tell them?

Most authors, at best, put it out on social media in the first week of publication, but this simply isn’t enough. There needs to be a sustained campaign over several months where each element of your marketing strategy complements the others. Have a plan, write out a schedule and keep to it. Use your contacts both on social media and by email. You may feel embarrassed saying: ‘Hey, look at me, I’ve written a book’, but I guarantee your friends and colleagues will be delighted and happy to be part of your success. And it will be a success with the right marketing.

In the words of Chantal Cooke, author of The Authority Guide to Marketing your Business Book: 52 easy-to-follow tips from a book PR expert, ‘It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to market and promote your book.’ Tell people you’re writing the book; build some excitement and expectancy. In the case of business books, if you’ve decided you know everything there is to know about your subject and that you want to share that knowledge by writing a book, and there is a gap in the market (sometimes because you’ve tried to find books on the subject, but can’t) then people will want to know about it. They in turn will tell their friends and colleagues, and that’s how the awareness and anticipation starts. Keep feeding this with regular bulletins on how the writing is going and how much you’re looking forward to finally seeing your book in print.

When thinking about your marketing you need to consider the different elements of your book. And by that I mean paperback and ebook. Most people these days do have an ebook version of their book, so marketing each version of your book should take a slightly different slant. In my next blog post I will talk about the different approaches for each.

If you don’t have the time or the right mindset for a sustained campaign then employ a professional, but still engage with your contacts personally as well. Readers love to have contact with the author of a book.

Maria Waite, SRA Books Associate

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