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London Book Fair 2017

As many other publishers, we entered London Book Fair in the hopes of making new connections with other publishers – other people. That is exactly what we achieved!

In the three days we attended the fair, we were able to not only meet up with people and companies we already had connections with, but also have meetings with potential new clients. As any publisher knows, sometimes the best relationships can be created spontaneously. In doing so, you are creating a genuine relationship with that person. In the end, it is all about networking (a subject that will be explored in more depth in a future blog).

The first day is always the busiest as the fair is open to both the public and the industry. Throughout the day there were back-to-back seminars that catered to those from trade (‘Working with AmazonCrossing: author and translator perspectives’) to professional (‘Connecting readers to content and keeping their interest’). The subject of content in publishing and the impact Brexit will have on the industry was forefront in many speakers’ presentations, with the ultimate conclusion that for the publishing world to continue to release content – whether that be educational or general – we must focus on quality.

The second day, there was a stronger focus on market value, and again, its quality. As social media still plays an integral role in bringing interest to the consumer, it is a model that must be perfected to the best of a publisher’s ability. Trial and error is a process that we all must go through to know exactly how to target our primary consumers. The Bookseller Association held a seminar on ‘Using social media to build community and maximise sales’ and gave a plethora of tips for both booksellers, publishers and writers – the most important being: engagement. By engaging with your audience you are creating a relationship that could ultimately lead to a sales.

The third and final day always seems the shortest. For the most part, publishers have finished their meetings and are packing up for the long trips home, while others are still making last-minute deals. For us, it was a great day to wander around and find those publishers who would be interested in buying rights, especially those that will be at Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Whether you are small or large publisher, bookseller or writer, LBF caters to every aspect of the publishing world, enabling the collaboration of people and companies on a global scale.

This blog was brought to you by Bella Anton, Publishing Assistant. 

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