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Ambrose and Jo Blowfield

Ambrose and Jo Blowfield

Ambrose and Jo Blowfield founded THE Marketing Company in New Zealand in 2004 to help hard-working business owners of small to medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) grow their profits through being smarter in their marketing and sales skills. That initial vision and drive has helped them oversee the growth of 6,000 businesses in over 12 countries across 3 continents.

Their passion to do the right thing has led them to create over 120 different courses in the marketing and sales area, to ensure the content is practical, proven and implementable. Their obsession to make a difference means their sole focus remains on the outcomes of their training, i.e. the actions people take after they learn, as opposed to learning for learning’s sake.

Through their work they have become internationally respected and sought-after speakers and trainers, especially in the SME sector.

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What publishing has done for Ambrose and Jo

‘We have long been encouraged to publish a book, especially in the marketing arena. Being busy around the world as we are, it was something that was always put on the back burner. Finally in 2016 a friend and fellow advisor got us both refocused on our original business mission: to help hard-working SME business owners. Writing an Authority Guide was an alternative way to create a more affordable solution for business owners worldwide to access the knowledge they need, without having to spend time with us delivering training in whatever company they are based in.

‘The challenge was how to share the countless marketing lessons into an easy-to-read, and carry, Authority Guide. In fact the first draft was 400 per cent longer than the final high-value book that this has become. Learning to write in this manner stretched us both more than ever and as committed life-long learners, we rose to the challenge!

‘In essence the purpose of this Authority Guide is to help SMEs become more profitable through smarter marketing and to ensure that all SMEs have a way to create a practical, proactive, budgeted marketing plan for the year ahead. For us, any growth in business profile or business connections as a result of the book is simply a fortunate bi-product from trying to change the world one business at a time.’

Why publish this Authority Guide with SRA Books?

‘We were attracted to the partnership publishing approach of SRA Books as it sits very well with our own business philosophy and values. SRA Books were encouraging, understanding and firm when we needed to stay focused on the timelines! For anyone who wants to help SMEs grow and who hasn’t written a business book before, SRA Books are a very smart way to go. Thank you to the whole team for your professionalism and support.’