For the Shooting


For the Shooting

TJ Ink, 2017

Author: Kit Hesketh-Harvey

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‘Well, look at us! This ain’t some lowlife drugs shootout! We’re A-listers! The papers, the social media, aren’t going to let this one go. This will destroy us all, because until they work out what happened here, we’re all in the firing line.’

When Rosie, the widowed Lady Brancaster, is invited by a fabled hedge-funder to a country house weekend, she little anticipates that events amid this company of the socially elite and globally famous are about to take a dramatic turn. Rosie witnesses tempers flaring as mysterious past histories resurface, and when tragedy abruptly strikes, she finds herself to be the only guest with a cast-iron alibi. Together with Detective Inspector Gore, she must piece together the weekend’s terrible events.

For The Shooting is a classic detective mystery novel which spins a binding web of rivalry, lust, revenge, jealousy, and the desire for justice. Hesketh-Harvey keeps you guessing until the end, challenging your perceptions of each glittering character and proving that appearances can indeed be deceptive.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey has written for the West End and the Royal Opera, receiving nominations for Olivier and Grammy awards. His film screenplays have won the Silver Lion, his journalism the IPC Writer of the Year Award. His television and radio comedy is internationally recognised. In this first novel he returns to the classic, beloved country house thriller. He lives in Norfolk and Cornwall.

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Dimensions 175 × 110 mm