FreeFrom all’Italiana


FreeFrom all’Italiana

Authors: Anna Del Conte and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Berrydale Books, 2017

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Anna Del Conte, the doyenne of Italian cooking and author of nearly 20 books on Italian food, turns her attention to freefrom.

Working with Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, freefrom expert and author of more than 10 books on freefrom food, Anna has created both new and classic Italian dishes for those who wish to exclude gluten or dairy from their diet.

Black bean spaghetti with mussel sauce, chickpea pasta with broccoli sauce, bean and vegetable risotto soup – 30 recipes for pasta, risotto, polenta and soups that will fulfil your yearnings for classic Italian food, while allowing you to keep to your gluten or dairy-free diet!

About the authors

Anna Del Conte has spent five decades writing about Italian food from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and from the foothills of the Alps to tip of the Italian toe. Her many books are as authoritative a source as you will find on classic Italian food, and are not only a pleasure to cook from, but a delight to read.

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson has been involved with food allergy since the late 1980s, when her small son was diagnosed as milk intolerant. Since then she has manufactured freefrom foods, written more than a dozen books on allergy and freefrom, run an allergy magazine and now edits an extensive website – – on food allergy and intolerance.


“Another brilliant, must-have book by Anna Del Conte, invaluable not only for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet.”  – Nigella Lawson

“The book is a fantastic contribution to making the freefrom diet more approachable.” – Giorgio Locatelli

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