How to Analyse Property Investment Deals (DVD)


How to Analyse Property Investment Deals: A business of investing workshop

SRA Books, 2014

Author: Vicki Wusche


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In this DVD you will work through five modules that are designed to teach you everything about deal analysis.

  • Module One – The Basics of Excel
  • Module Two – Understanding Return on Investment
  • Module Three – Lender Rules and Regulations
  • Module Four – Business Costs and Finance
  • Module Five – Buy and Sell Practical
  • Module Six – Buy and Hold Practical

In this DVD Vicki Wusche will share with you the tools, knowledge and skills required to really understand the ‘maths’ of property investment, help you engage with the key issues that people face when trying to understand deals and business finance, and help you get to grips with the lender rules and regulations that can make or break a property business.

This course is an intensive combination of taught modules, follow-along practical sessions, follow-up homework and start-to-finish examples of how to analyse and understand deals.

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Dimensions 190 × 135 × 14 mm