The Emperor’s New Self


This book will be available 31 January, 2019

The Emperor’s New Self: Finding certainty

Author: Andrew Harry

TJ Ink, 2019

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A personal journey that describes a mechanism to find certainty through relaxation, enabling the reader to relax deeper, feel better and enjoy life more. A highly personal yet universally resonant retelling of the therapeutic process that’ll help you find greater clarity and certainty of the self. What is offered in this book is another way to look at the precise mechanism behind the journey to transcend the monkey mind and help you find what it is you want. It is not the font of all knowledge that is true, but it will go some way to reveal exactly what is stopping you.

After a career as a Naval Officer, engineering graduate and chartered accountant Andrew Harry continued his journey travelling to South America and the Antipodes, to return to the UK to live on an eco barge called Prydwen. He is now a Reiki Master, Master NLP Practitioner and Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner and Trainer in the UK. He is a father of three and in recent years has played his part in developing a whole new modality that incorporates bodywork, mindfulness and meditative disciplines into the re-emerging art of relaxation. Andrew has returned to his Cornish roots and has settled in the vibrant seaside town of Penzance with his wife Joy to further his interests in developing and administering his therapeutic skills to assist others in their self-development and improving their well-being.

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