Using Other People’s Money


Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in property (4th edition)

SRA Books, 2016

Author: Vicki Wusche

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Have you ever dreamed of having a property portfolio that enables you to live a wealthy life, be financially free and confident about the stability of your future? Have you thought it might be too good to be true after all the changes in the market? Is it still possible – using your capital, working with family or using other people’s money?

This 4th edition has been rewritten to focus on the latest changes in the property market giving you the information you need including the impact of the changes in tax on key strategies like rent to rent, buy to let and HMO. This book enables you to learn investment techniques that are adaptable to these changes, helping you to build a better property business from the start.

Using Other People’s Money will help you:

  • Get to grips with the business of investing.
  • Understand which strategies work and which don’t in the current market.
  • Create a better relationship with lenders and banks.
  • Understand joint venture legislation and how the changes will affect you.
  • Understand the impact of recent tax changes and help you make better investment decisions.
  • Recognise the difference between a large portfolio and financial freedom.
  • Understand the difference between refurbishing, renovating, developing and trading property.

And so much more!

Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in property was the most anticipated property book of 2010. It was the most valuable book of 2011. It sold out in 2012 and 2013. After being fully rewritten in 2014 it continued to be the most honest and practical book in your resource library. Now for 2016, it is updated and reprinted, once again, making it relevant and up to date. This book will help you avoid the drama and pitfalls and make the best decisions for you, for the long term, for your financial security … regardless of the changes still to come!
Vicki Wusche has been featured in The Telegraph, The Observer, the Daily Express, What Mortgage, This is Money, RBS Business Sense and Business Matters.

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